Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter: Home and Away

I am not really happy with my blog lay-out so I am trying a different format. I would consider myself kinda a computer geek so I will try to figure out something more personalized later. I am not saying I am a computer wiz, so we'll see.

This past week, easter came and went, so did Prague, and of course, laying new floors in the bedroom. Barrett was doing the whole job, I was managing. (Hello now, I didn't take Managment 101 in college for nada now did I). Of course when one aren't allowed to contribute in the big project it usually means it's my job cleaning up, and of course--- making the room come together. Barrett couldn't care less, he is done laying floors, now lets just get the bed in place. I somtimes imagine having Nate Berkus as a BF- now there is a guy who isn't afraid style a room! Unfortunately things could never work out between us as we live on two different countinents, and the small little detail that he isn't really all that into women. I will posts some pics of the new flooring later, until then- I present Mr. Berkus :)

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