Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama for yo mama

So it’s final, as of yesterday, that Barack Obama is the 44th president of the USA. As a Norwegian one would think that this is not important to me, but on the contrary it is. I am happy there is (finally) a president elected that is actually liked outside the US. For years now, the US has NOT been a popular country, world wide. Of course a lot of peoples onions about the US is what they read in the media, and it’s been a while since I red anything positive. Do I think Obama can turn around this economy and get the country back on track? Well, I agree with his speech that its a joint effort. The American people need to change with the times. It will be exciting to see what will happen in the future. The American marked is certainly not insignificant when it comes to the rest of the world. As the USA has been struggling with a weak economy for some time now, Norway is starting to "feel" it as well. Of course, since Norway is a much smaller country than America it will likely not be AS severe here, only times will tell.

I am at least excited with the new president, now I don’t have to go around and be scared to tell people I went to school in the US for four years and that I am a person who actually likes the US. Maybe people’s opinions will change with the new times and with this new promising president!

On another less serious note I must say the new presidential couple is looking good, both style-wise and health wise. Go the Obamas for that as well!

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Valecia...... said...

I am glad you feel more comfortable calling us Americans family! GO OVAMA! as Minor would say.