Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some random statistics from 2008

As we are already well into the new year, I am summing op mine with some pretty random stuff...

- Jobs held: 2 (I am on the second one for 2008)
- Marriages: 1
- Cups of coffee: endless
- Glasses of wine: see above answer
- Pounds gained/lost: +/- 3-4 lbs
- Hours worked: no more than 40 a week
- Number of pants bought in 2008: let’s see if I can
remember.. a pair of levis, diesels, 2 pair of
acne jeans, some from urban outfitters, a pair of sevens,
plus a coupe of work pants, .. hey I just figured where all
my extra cash is hiding..
- Concerts attended: Coldplay, Travis, Cidi Lauper
- Travels: Sweden, Denmark, US (New York, Denver), Greece
- Travels to come: London, Prague, The US (go figure)
- Goals for 2009 /new years resolutions: do well at my job, start thinking/planning about what
to do for next year, stop trying to plan everything, stop stressing about my age (if you’re older,
don’t hate me), not spending all of my money every month, drink more water, stop biting my

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