Thursday, March 19, 2009

No good blogger...

...thats me-- its's hard to keep this thing up, especially when I have been in a "I-am-just-waiting-for-spring-mode" since January. It has serisouly been a rough winter, I can't wait for the summer to come. A few things to look forward to is our trip to Prague in about 3 weeks, and then our 3 week-long trip to the US in the end of May. It's soon April but it's still cold here, so here are some things I look forward to as the temperatures are rising:

  • wearing my cute white jeans again
  • drinking bear/wine/cocktails outside
  • wearing my leather jacket
  • wearing pumps again (not boots)
  • all the cute tops from last year.. and possibly the new ones I will buy :)
  • getting a tan.. I need to get rid of my pasty skin
  • longer days in the sun.. or just days in the sun..
  • vacation time (only a couple of months away)
  • pealing and eating fresh shrimps
  • going to the beach

Am I a summer person or what? Well it's not so much that I need it to be summer all year round, but just not what I have now, which is crap weather for about 7 months, then summer 2 months, the other 3 are wild-cards :) Sometimes I wish I lived here (Hawaii):

or maybe here (san fran is pretty much warm all year round right??):

There are so many amazing places.... ah.. I can dream.. until then: Norway it is :)


Heidi Benj said...

I, too, look forward to:

-drinking bear/wine/cocktails outside
-pealing and eating fresh shripms

Otherwise I'm not too outdoorsy. :)

Anette said...

hopefully we wont be drinking any bears outside.. only beers.. my spelling is horribly these dayz..